The Magic Of Making Up Review

Today I’m going to give my honest review of The Magic Of Making Up. This particular ebook I’m already a little fond of since I myself used it back in 2009. With that said this is 2017 not 2009. So I wonder has this get your ex back book stood the test of time? And how does it weight up against the newer get your ex back programs available today. I reached out to the author to get a fresh copy, which he sent me straight away because I was a previous customer. What did I find?

The Magic Of Making Up Review

The Magic Of Making Up was written by TW Jackson or T dub as he likes to be called. He is a American author who has spend the last decade working with people that are having relationship problems. As I mentioned above his book The Magic Of Making Up has been around a while. I used it back in 2009 but I believe it was wrote and published in 2008. But enough of the boring stuff. Does The Magic Of Making Up actually work?

In short yes it does, I know this from personal experience. But what you need to know (its the same with all get your ex back books) is it only works if you are prepared to follow the advice to a T. You’ll need patience, willpower and dedication to stand any chance. And of course there are times when it will not work. I’ll go over some of them a little later on in the magic of making up review.

What The Magic Of Making Up Contains:

  • 62 page The Magic Of Making Up PDF (ebook) which you can download straight away.
  • Access to The Magic Of Making Up email support
  • *Optional Audio Book you can listen to.

The Magic Of Making Up Second Impressions (Yes I’ve Been Here Before)

Of course this review is based on my second impressions of this get your ex back book. Because I’ve already been impressed once before in 2009. So what’s changed?

I wasn’t that surprised to see that not a lot has been changed in The Magic Of Making Up (ebook’s do get updated from time to time). When I first read this book it took some time for me to digest the content that’s within but in time I realised the power of TW Jacksons methods. Its the same deep psychological stuff that simply just works. And in time you’ll start to see just how powerful The Magic Of Making Up is.

Although this book is for both men and women, I get the feeling that it is more aimed at the ladies. I’m a guy and I used it to fantastic effect but if you’re a women then you’ll simply love this book.

How it works

It works based on deep set emotions that normal people simply just cannot turn off. This along with helping you build up the confidence and self esteem for your ex to want you again. Its true that needy desperate you isn’t so attractive anymore.

What I really like about The Magic Of Making Up is how reader friendly is it. Other get your ex back books I’ve read (trust me there’s a lot) sometimes make the information seem like rocket science. This doesn’t really help people that are emotionally unstable and where one or two mistakes can really end all chances of a reunion.

Again this is another get your ex back book that is going to require you to play the long game. The Magic Of Making Up is going to bring your ex back overnight. It takes time for this stuff to work and you need to first lay the foundations before you try and rekindle your relationship with your ex. One thing The Magic Of Making Up has in common with other get your ex back programs. Is it requires you to be willing to take a 30 day breather. So no contact with your ex for 30 days, which can be hard. But I personally think its very important. So if your not prepared to do that then you might be setting out to fail.

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What You’ll Get From The Magic Of Making Up:

  1. Learn how to make your ex want you again. Using The Magic Of Making Up you’ll do some soul searching and accept the breakup with your ex. Only then can you get your chin up and start building the bridges required to make your ex interested again.
  2. Figure out exactly what went wrong in your relationship. A lot of times people fail to see the problems that were there was a long time, by reading The Magic Of Making Up free yourself of this problem and identify the real reasons for your ex leaving you.
  3. You’ll get access to some powerful psychological techniques which are proven to pull on your ex’s heartstrings and relight that old fire between the two of you.
  4. How to avoid silly yet natural mistakes that will just push your ex away even more. This is important, the key to getting your relationship back is not begging your ex. Or telling them you love them over and over. These are natural things that people do and they can be huge mistakes.
  5. When you should and when you shouldn’t start sleeping with your ex again. This is another mistake that people often make with The Magic Of Making Up you’ll know when the time is right.
  6. How to make your new relationship stronger than before. Again most programs do this and honestly the book is worth reading for this alone.
  7. Support from TW Jackson himself. If you have questions or concerns you can message him for answers and advice.

If this sounds good to you and you’re willing to put in the effort required then there is a great chance that The Magic Of Making Up will work for you. And reunite you with you ex.

Go Ahead And Visit TW Jackson’s Magic Of Making Up

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A Deeper Look At The Magic Of Making Up

Ok so lets take a deeper look at each chapter in The Magic Of Making Up pdf.

Chapter 1 – Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended.

So in this chapter you will dig deep into the problems that ended your relationship with your ex. Tw Jackson explains and shows you why your relationship may not actually be over yet. Take it from me the key to winning your ex back starts right away, You have to accept the breakup in order to move forward. And T-dub covers this excellently in chapter 1 of The Magic Of Making Up.

Chapter 2 –  Don’t Panic, Your Key To Winning Back Their Love

Chapter 2 is mainly about you. You’ll learn how to pick yourself back up and improve the things you do in the eyes of your ex. Its natural for people to go into a huge depression after a bad break up, this however is counter intuitive and makes you less attractive to your ex. So in chapter 2 you will be shown how to fix this. Get your self esteem back and make your ex want you again.

Chapter 3 – Removing The Splinter In Your Relationship

This is an important chapter. You along with TW Jacksons help will figure where you now stand with you ex. Now depending on a lot of different reasons this can be difficult to establish but its key that you do. And that you do it as early as possible.

Chapter 4 – Re-igniting The Spark Of Passion And Desire

In chapter 4 you will begin to formulate a plan of action. Based on what you’ve already been over, you will be able to come up with a plan to get your ex back. Again this is well explained in the book and TW Jackson lays it all out right in front of you.

Chapter 5 – Dates And Lovers

The chapter you’ll hate if your in this situation. Your ex already has another lover or is dating someone else. This in your eyes is nothing but a bad thing, but in The Magic Of Making Up chapter 5 you’ll see why this may not be such a bad thing after all and could actually be the key to reuniting you with your ex. Or maybe you should start dating other people to make your ex come back to you, which I’m certain most of you will already know how powerful jealousy can be.

Chapter 6 – Easing Back Into The Relationship To Solidify Your Love

Once you’ve started your plan to get your ex back and hopefully by this stage would of made up some important ground. You need to ease your way back into the relationship, again this is something most couples don’t do. And it can be disastrous if you rush back into it. This chapter will help you avoid this mistake and solidify your relationship

Chapter 7 – Maintaining The Fun And Love Without Brining Up The Painful Past

Chapter 7 helps you move on as a couple. You’ll learn how to be fun again and show your ex that you can still be a great couple now that you’ve left the painful past behind you. You’ll also cover how to avoid arguments from disagreements you may of had in the past that once put an end to your relationship.

Chapter 8 – When You Can’t Save Your Relationship – Moving On With Grace

If the worse case scenario comes true and you fail to get your ex back. There will be good reason for that. The last chapter in The Magic Of Making Up helps you accept find and accept this but also shows you how to move on with grace.

When you shouldn’t use The Magic Of Making Up

  • If your relationship suffered from physical abuse. If your relationship was violent then it’s not worth saving move on.
  • You cant take a 30 day break from your ex. This is so important for this get your ex back book to work its magic. If you have kids or work with each other this may be unavoidable but perhaps The Magic Of Making Up is still worth a try.
  • This isn’t a quick get your ex back fix. It takes time and you need to follow the advice carefully. If you’re looking for a quick fix this isn’t it.
  • Your ex is gone and you cant contact them at all anymore. Again its worth a read in the off chance that they may come back into your life later on. But this book requires you to be able contact your ex.
  • If you cant accept any of the blame for the breakup. This won’t work if you can’t do that.

How to make The Magic Of Making Up Work For You

Like I keep mentioning The Magic Of Making Up was the first get your ex back book I read back in 2009. It worked for me and that’s a story I’ll share another time. So knowing that I have no doubts that this can work for you too. What I really like about The Magic Of Making Up is that its not rocket science. TW Jackson does a great job at laying it out in simple terms that anyone can easily follow. Albeit this simplistic approach could be a negative if your looking for something that really goes into detail on the subject. And sometimes the simple approach won’t be enough to win your ex back.

If you do buy The Magic Of Making Up then make sure you give it everything you’ve got. You’ll need to follow the advice and put into plan all the things TW Jackson shows you in order to get your ex back. To make this work for you its going to take all your willpower, patience and dedication to get any success.

Other Useful Information

  • The Magic Of Making Up is a digital book. You can download it right away and start.
  • There is an option for an Audio version if you’d prefer to listen as well.
  • The Magic of Making Up is not a scam. Its a real book that solves real peoples problems.
  • This get your ex back book is for both women and men although its more biased towards women seeking their ex back.
  • You can access it and use it on a Mac
  • There’s a 60 day no questions asked refund policy
  • You get instant access to the material

Here is a useful video from TW Jackson that gives you an idea of what to expect from The Magic of Making Up

My The Magic Of Making Up Review Summary

The question I asked right at the very start of this The Magic Of Making Up review. Has it stood the test of time? The answer is just about. I’d be lying if I outright said yes because there are newer get your ex back books and programs that have taken this topic to the next level.

They have more detail and provide more angles to work with. Or most provide entirely different methods to getting your ex back. But what The Magic Of Making Up does is provide solid advice that does work a lot of the time judging by the amount of success stories I’ve seen with this book.

And as I expected this get your ex back book is still tuned more for female readers which isn’t a problem. But where the book still caters to men it tends to thin out on some of the information where TW Jackson is trying to cover both genders. It would be much better if he had 2 options here that would allow you to pick a version, a bit like some of the other get your ex back books I’ve reviewed at

So I’ll give The Magic Of Making Up a thumbs up again just like I did in 2009. It really is a fantastic read and will one way or another solve your problem.

You’ll likely get your ex back using this book but even if you don’t succeed, TW Jackson helps you move on faster and with grace. This product is great but you don’t have to take my word for it. There is a 60 day refund policy there. If you’re not happy with the book for any reason you can get your money back. So go ahead and give it a try.

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