Text Your Ex Back 2.0 Review

Ever been in that place where you are unsure whether or not to text your ex back? If you’re reading this then its likely you have or are in that situation. Today I’m going to review a program that might just help you out of this tough spot.

This program is called “Text Your Ex Back 2.0”. And the contents within are designed to help you win your ex back by texting them and making them want you again. So lets take a look.

Text Your Ex Back 2.0 Review

Text Your Ex Back 2.0 is written by a well known relationships author Michael Fiore. His latest program “Text Your Ex Back 2.0” is a step based guide showing you have to get your ex back with text messaging. The program is available for both men and women.

So how good is Text your ex back really? Lets take a look.

What Text Your Ex Back 2.0 Contains:

text your ex back full set

  • 11 readable training modules which take you though the steps to get your ex back.
  • An audio version of the 11 modules so you can listen to them when not at home.
  • “30 minute Instant Forgiveness Interview” With Professor Fredric Luskin (Luskin is an expert on forgiveness at Stanford University California)
  • “1 hour Infidelity Buster With Dr Jan Hall” This interview covers where both men and women start cheating on their partners and how to heal from it.
  •  Facebook Romance Secrets Program. This is basically a guide to make your ex want you using social media like Facebook.

Text Your Ex Back 2.0 First Impressions

I was generally surprised at how much material you get. With these kinds of programs you need to take all the information in and apply the techniques you’re are taught correctly. Txt your Ex Back 2.0 certainly plays the long game.  After I’d read the first several modules I could really feel how powerful this stuff can be.  Of course this isn’t going to win your ex back overnight because that simply isn’t likely to ever happen as people need time. And sadly this get your ex back program isn’t aimed that doing that. So if you’ve looking for an instant solution to your problem then this isn’t it I’m afraid. text your ex back 2.0

Checking The Bonus Material

Once I’d finished the 11 modules I took the time to sit and listen to the bonus resources you get with Text Your Ex Back 2.0. These are basically phone interviews between Michael Fiore and other relationship experts. I found the one with Jan Hall about infidelity to be the most useful, well would of been in my situation a few years back. If there has been anyway playing away in your relationship either by you or your ex this 1 hour interview will certainly open your eyes to a few things. And I honestly believe that if put into practise the information discussed could fix a relationship infidelity ruined.

I found the other 30 minute phone interview with Prof Fredric Luskin to be a little out there. But this really does depend on your personal relationship problems. Is there a massive need for forgiveness sitting in the way of you getting your ex back? If so then this bonus could be very useful.

The last bonus resource was the Facebook Romance Secrets Program. To be honest this in itself is worth the price! I showed this to my wife and she agreed that the things you’re told to do in this book are damn right awesome and would likely make any man or women fascinated with you. If you are an active social media user, This guide is for you.

What You Will Get From Text Your Back 2.0

This is a step by step detailed system that can help you get your ex back but what else can you expect:

  1. You’ll learn how to get your chin up and get your self confidence back. No doubt you’ve been down but showing this to your ex isn’t going to make them want you again.
  2. Rediscover all the great memories you have with your ex as you’ll need these for powerful texts.
  3. Figure out exactly what went wrong with your Ex and how you can fix it.
  4. Proven powerful texts that you can easily customise to fit your personality
  5. And Of course Get Your Ex Back but not only that your new relationship will be far stronger than the one before.
  6. Support from other members of the program via the comments section in each module.

If you want these things then there’s a good chance you will be able to achieve them by using Txt Your Ex Back 2.0. This course isn’t just some cheesy texts that you send to your ex lover. It is a powerful self help program in its own right and the real way of getting your ex back often requires you to make some changes or at the very least start loving yourself again.

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A Deeper Look Into Text Your Ex Back 2.0

Now lets take a deeper look into the program and have a look at each module in the course which you will have to undertake to get your ex back.

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Module 1 – Introduction

This Module is just a straight up Introduction to the Text Your Ex Back program. It goes over your current situation and lays the foundations for the improvement you’ll have to undergo to win your ex back.

Module 2 – The Dumper And The Dumped

Its very important to first figure out exactly what caused your relationship to end. Was it one major thing or was it a series of events that eventually spilt ended your relationship. That’s what this module covers. If you were dumped then its useful but if you were the dumper than its invaluable. This module forms the basis of the texts that you will be sending your ex later on. So it is very important.

Module 3 – The Big Goal

In this module you will be setting yourself a goal based on what you discovered in the last module. Throughout this course you’ll want to be truthful with yourself. And setting a realistic goal which will ideally involve getting back with your ex is what this module is all about.

Module 4 – Flight Check

One of my favourite modules. In this module you will discover whether you are mentally ready to start texting your ex. By module 4 you’d of been though a lot trust me. Lucky for you Michael shows you exactly what you need to say and more importantly what you shouldn’t say.  This is an important part in the program, if not the most important so with Michaels help you shouldn’t have a problem getting it right.

Module 5 – Text Judo

After all the work you’ve done so far now the real work begins. This is module is the cornerstone of Text Your Ex Back. Learn how to start contact via text and how/when to move onto more intimate texts that will bring that will relight that old fire. This is when you will start using some of your best memories with your ex to pull on their heartstrings once more.

Module 6 – Across The Bow

If you have been successful up to this point then this is the module is where things get very interesting. You’ll begin to form a plan to clinch the deal. The plan will include texts that allow you to form contact without seeming needy or desperate to talk to your ex.

Module 7 – Prepping The Soil

This is the module where you will start to build an emotional connection with your ex again. Michaels shows you how to form texts that will start to rebuild and strengthen that old bond in both your emotions.

Module 8 – The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy is a powerful tool in any relationship. It can end a relationship but it can also be used to relight an old relationship. In this module Michael shows you how to harness this powerful emotion and use it to get your ex back.

Module 9 –  Planting the Seeds

Module 9 is situational to an extent. It shows you how build up the emotional connections with your ex. Showing them that you are gonna be there for them in their times of need. This is more powerful if your ex is currently going though a difficult period.

Module 10 – Reaping The Harvest

This module is broken up into 3 distinctive sections. These sections cover honesty, the most intimate texts you’ve sent yet and how to turn your newly kindled relationship into more than just texting. This is one you will start to see the real reward for you effort in the Text Your Ex Back program. If all has gone well this is when you will actually physical start seeing your ex for dates again.

Module 11 – Texting Steady

In the final module Michael shows you how to keep things ticking over in the relationship with your ex and how to strengthen the new bonds that you have been building with your ex over the course of the program.

When You Shouldn’t Use This Course

  • There was any physical abuse in your relationship by either you or your ex – Generally the relationship has to be worth saving. Abusive ones aren’t.
  • You’ve been told to Never contact them again – Sometimes its too far gone and this course will only work if you can text and receive texts back
  • If your Ex doesn’t use a cell phone – This ones obvious no cell phone means no texts.
  • Your not prepared to take a 30 day cool down period – You need to go 30 days with no contact with your ex. (This is unavoidable if you have children or work together, So you could try without doing it)
  • Not prepared to accept some of the blame and responsibility for the break up.
  • If you want a quick fix to your relationship woes – This wont work for that, Text Your Ex Back plays the long game like I said above.

How to make Text Your Ex Back Work For You

There’s no doubt my mind that if you follow the steps laid out by Michael Fiore, You will stand a very good chance at getting your ex back. But that said you will need to follow his instructions to stand any chance of success. Generally in my experience one slip up can end any chance of getting your ex back. That’s why this program is so good. You’ll have all the help and support needed to make sure you take the right steps and don’t mess it up. If this is going to work you’ll need some willpower, Not only that but patience and real desire to win your ex back. And if you’re prepared for that then I highly recommend you give Txt Your Ex Back 2.0 ago.

Other Useful Information

  1. The Text Your Ex Back program is a digital product. So you need your computer to access it and download it.
  2. Both men and women can use this program, Michael has done two unique programs so make sure you pick the correct one.
  3. There is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Don’t get your ex back in 2 months, You can get your money back.
  4. You get Instant access to the course so you can start right away.

My Text Your Ex Back Review Summary

Overall I think that Text Your Ex Back is one of the best get your ex back programs I’ve reviewed. I can assure you there is no better program for this on the Internet. And if you are really willing to take on and hone the methods taught within this program then you start a very good chance at winning your ex back simply by sending text messages. There is very little to fault here, Michael has done an amazing job putting all this together. It really is a lot more than any of you would expect. Its presented well and backed up by many of you the users which you can talk too inside the program. I hope you enjoyed my honest review of Text Your Ex Back 2.0 if you have a friend who could use this please share this review with them.

Simply put there is no better get your ex back course, Click here to buy it at the lowest price and get your ex back!

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