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About Me – Get Your Ex Back Reviewed

Hi guys, I just wanted to create this page to give you a little more insight into the man between the words. My name is John. I’m a 35 year old blogger by trade and hobby also a generally nice guy.  I’ve been busy online recently but I always wanted to do a blog to review get your ex back books and programs. I’m glad to say I’ve finally got around to it.

The reason I’ve started this blog is to give you guys the best information and reviews around for getting your ex back. This is something that means a lot to me since back in 2009 I had a similar break up which led to me being on my tod. Being me I looked online for help to deal with my problem. And it turns out there is a lot of good help out there. I purchased and read a book called The Magic Of Making Up which really opened my eyes.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of mistakes I’d already made with my ex before I picked up this book. And before I got it she was kicking my ass. I mean seriously there was no way I was ever going to get her back. But after I educated myself (seeing the mistakes) using this get your ex back book. I started to turn the tide. You wouldn’t believe how bad I was before. But what I can assure you of is some of the methods discussed, taught and shown in these books are very powerful.

Did I get her back?

Eventually I did get her back. Albeit for only another 5 years but those were a good 5 years much better than the first 3 before out first break up. In the end we mutually agreed to go our separate ways. Maybe we weren’t so right for each other after all. I accepted that and moved on. What I will say is The Magic Of Making Up done one thing for sure. It made me a better partner. Yes I didn’t end up with my Ex but I had another 5 years with her and when it ended I handled the break up much better ie No begging.

Full Disclosure

I’d just like to make it clear that “yes” I do blog for living. That means if you buy a product I’ve recommended and reviewed here in depth, I’ll get paid a commission by the author. So if you like my reviews and want to support me use my links here at to buy your books. And for this I’m going to give you unbiased and the most in depth reviews possible. So you’ll know exactly what your getting. I own a copy of everything I review and like I’ve said, I have a history in this topic and some experience. There also may be some advertisement from time to time on the blog.

So Thank You…….

Thank you for popping by my About Me page. If you have any questions at all or need help/advice then please do contact me. I will help you to the best of my ability.

So enjoy the reviews and I wish you the best of luck for getting your ex back.