5 Steps To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

So instead of doing a review today I’d thought I’d give you some advice ladies. Here are 5 steps to getting your boyfriend back. I understand that all of you have different things going on with your ex boyfriend.

Some of you might still be closer to him than others but by using these steps. I believe that you can at least begin the process of getting your ex boyfriend back.

If you’re a man then check out these 5 steps to getting your ex girlfriend back

5 Steps To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you follow these five steps correctly it will give you a much much better chance of getting your ex boyfriend back. This isn’t really a science, results will vary but these steps are considered by relationship experts to be the best. And before we start please remember that getting your ex boyfriend back will require some patience, dedication and a whole bunch of willpower. But you can do it! Be positive.

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Step 1 – No contact for 30 days – why and how?

The first step is to take a 30 day break from your ex boyfriend. I know right that’s something you most likely don’t want to do. You may have fears that during this time he will find another girlfriend, Or he may move on from you if your not there for a month.

Let me just say the those fears are perfectly normal and just but they are also what could end up losing your ex boyfriend completely. The 30 day no contact rule is there for a good reason. It allows you and your boyfriend the time and space to get your heads straight. Sounds silly right? But it really isn’t trust me. He will be a lot more open to you after 30 days of no contact.

This openness will allow you to start building some bridges with the aim of getting your ex boyfriend back.

You can establish the 30 day no contact rule easily if your boyfriend is currently not contacting you. Just stop trying to contact him for 30 days.

However if he is contacting you all you need to do is ask for space. Say “I really wanna talk with you, but I need some time to think.” then if he continues to contact you for booty calls or anything. Simply ignore him. It will be hard but you must do it. Be strong.

Step 2 – Avoid These Natural Mistakes

When women fail to get their ex boyfriends back its normally because of a huge mistake they made, These mistakes occur when you’re chasing your ex. Trying to get him to notice you or talk to you.

If you think you’ve made some mistakes already, don’t worry its not too late. And don’t be hard on yourself. Mistakes of this kind are very common and it happens to both men and women. This is because its 100% natural to do these things.

Mistakes to avoid when trying to get your ex boyfriend back:

  • Stalking him – Obvious one which he won’t like at all.
  • Texting or calling him constantly – Again he won’t like this.
  • Begging for him to take you back – Your not so attractive when begging trust me.
  • Showing up unannounced at his door – You’re not free to do this anymore.
  • Having break up sex and still sleeping with him after breaking up – This one can cause a lot of problems.
  • Letting your emotions get the better of you causing fights or arguments – Will only push him further away.
  • Giving him Ultimatums – Again this will only close him down, you want to open him up.
  • And finally breaking the no contact rule – time and space is the best remedy for your broken relationship.

If you’ve already made some of these mistakes, Do not worry there is still a good chance you can get your ex boyfriend back. But you have to right this second change your game plan and start moving forward.

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Step 3 – You You And You – Self Esteem Is Key

The art of getting your ex boyfriend back is as much about you as it is about him. Or maybe even more about you. Whilst chasing their ex’s both men and women carelessly breakdown into needy, desperate people. This as I’m sure you’ve already aware is not very attractive.

So what was it that attracted you to your boyfriend? and what was it that made you so attractive to him? I can assure you right now that it wasn’t your neediness or depression.

This may sound harsh but you need to “stop acting like such a loser” yes I apologize for that. But its so important that someone says it to you. Your friends and love ones are thinking it, but don’t want to hurt your feelings. Specially not at this time. Because I don’t really know you, I can say it without getting slapped.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Being You

Now you need to start feeling good about yourself. Easier said than done I know that, but trust me its key. Getting your ex boyfriend back will require you to be that girl he first met.

You need to avoid becoming a recluse. Go out a lot, be with your friends a lot. Take long walks and start learning new things. Take up new hobbies. And the best one of all, Start exercising. After exercise you’ll feel great. You could even go out on a few dates. That would be a fantastic idea.

The general principle of this step is have fun. I’m sure you can do that can’t ya?

Step 4 – Plan Of Re-Attraction

Start By Texting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

After you’ve achieved greatness and got a big smile back on your face. Its time to put into place a plan of re-attraction. This is where you are going to show you ex boyfriend exactly what he is missing. It is also the time to break the no contact rule. At first I would suggest texting him. Texting will be a lot less awkward for him at first and then you can build up to calling him. But be careful not to text him the wrong things, click here to learn how to text your ex back.

The next stage is to call him and set up a date. But do not under any circumstances call it a date. Just ask him to come out and hang. Go for a coffee or get something to eat as friends! If you have to convince him, do so without begging him. Just tell him “it will be fun come on”. Just don’t mention your old relationship.

Remember all men want what they can’t have. Use this to your advantage!

On The Date “cough hangout cough cough”

It is on this hang out “cough date cough” your ex boyfriend will start to want you again. If you have prepared correctly you will be full of confidence and absolutely stunning. You’ll be boiling over with attractiveness. He won’t be able to resist, and because you’ve been together before he will be comfortable around you.

Whilst on this date, You’ll want to be fun, interesting, happy and awesome. Whatever you do, do not mention the past.  Ideally it will be your ex boyfriends idea to get back together. This will be a new relationship, stronger than the one before. Do not bring up old experiences, not even the good ones for now.

If you are successful in the re-attraction plan then your ex boyfriend will likely want to go out with you again. If he isn’t the most outgoing kind of guy then you may need to set up a second time for another hangout “date cough cough”.

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Step 5 – Clinch The Deal – Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

After one or two meetings with your ex boyfriend, you should be well on your way to getting your ex boyfriend back. If he hasn’t ask you out yet then his likely one of this guys that doesn’t make the first move. So you may have to, but bear in mind you will be on his mind all the time by this point.

Show some patience at this step. Carry on meeting up with him. Wait for the right opening then stick one on him. Oh and I didn’t mean a punch I meant a big kiss. Bide your time and wait for the perfect opportunity to do it. Invite him out for drinks and dress to kill. You’ll have no problems getting your ex boyfriend back.

Just remember until you’ve clinched the deal, do not bring up the past and don’t have sex with him. Avoid it at all costs. Move forward together without bringing up old painful wounds.


If you enjoyed this please share it with your friends. And if you need anything do not hesitate, comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. When you do succeed in getting your ex boyfriend back I’d love to hear your story.

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