11 Ways To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

This post is for the unlucky guys that didn’t succeed. If this is you then don’t worry. Here are the best ways to get over your ex girlfriend.

You can do it. Even if you feel like garbage at the moment, Just remember that almost every man goes though this. So read on. It’s time to get over her.

11 Ways To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

Here are 11 of the best things you can do, to get over your ex girlfriend. Now this isn’t an easy time for you. And its not going to be an easy process. Most of us hide our feelings for the one that got away. And that’s ok to do that. But you need to get over your ex as fast as possible.

You don’t wanna end up becoming a hermit now do you!? So follow these 11 tips to get over your ex girlfriend.

1. Give Yourself Lots Of Space At First

At first you’re gonna want to give yourself as much space as possible. I mean shutting yourself off from the world for a few days at least. Try to have minimal contact with anyone at this stage.

Why you’ve got this space make the most of it. Cry if you have too, just let it all out. Don’t suppress those feelings of disappointment, sadness and anger.

2. Cut Contact With Your Ex Girlfriendget over your ex girlfriend

By no means should you not be friends with your ex girlfriend. You should in time. Not right now. Unless your breakup was horrific there should still be love between the two of you.

It’s not the love you’ve looking for. And that’s a shame. But still you will make a good friend for each other in future.

For now tell her to leave you alone. You need space and time. She’ll understand and if she doesn’t then tough. You must cut contact so she can’t string you along. Even if its not her intention, It will be very hard for your feelings to change if your still in regular contact.

3. Don’t Fight Your Emotions Let Them Flow

Like I said above fighting your emotions or supressing them, is only going to drag this painful time out. You must face your fears, be honest with yourself about everything. Only then will you of laid the foundations to get over your ex girlfriend.


4. Reflect On Bad Memories With Her

Recently and since the split I bet the majority of your thoughts have been on all the good times you shared. It’s time to change this, Now I want you to think of all those times she drove you up the wall.

Focusing on the good times is reinforcing those feelings you have for her. Think about all the things that she did wrong, or the things that made you two not so right for each other.

If you can’t do this then we need to get your mind working on something else. Keep reading I’ll show you how.

5. Focus On Yourself For A While

Once you’ll made some real steps forward in your mind. It’s time to do something for yourself. And by this I mean do something or buy something that you’ve also wanted. Go visit an interesting place or country. Buy that new car or computer that you’ve been eyeing.

Think about a new career, or focus on your current job. Become more productive and try to improve yourself in any way you can or would like to.

Doing this will help you move on and get over your ex wife.

6. Go Out With Friends Again

ways to get over your ex girlfriend

Start going out with friends again, as often as you can. Even if your friends aren’t the go out kind, I’m sure you could find one or a close family member to drag out. Be persistent and get your night out with your pals in any way possible.

Doing this will give you a chance to meet new people. And hopefully new women which for at least a short while should help you get over your ex girlfriend, albeit temporary.

Worse case scenario you can’t get anyone to go out with you. This isn’t a problem, we aren’t all massively social people. I’m certainly not anymore. But I have a workaround for this carry on reading.

7. Learn A New Skill Or Hobby

Ever had an interest in a new skill. Or a hobby you’ve never took the time to get into. Now is the perfect time. Seriously giving yourself some brainwork will stop any lingering thoughts of your ex girlfriend from appearing in your head.

A great tip here is to learn a musical instrument. There must of been one you’ve always dreamed of learning to play. Do it!

Don’t get too stuck into this if your choice is going to turn you into a recluse. Gaming for example is a method a lot of men use to blow off steam. And that’s all good but sitting inside all day isn’t going to help you build need relationships, Which you are going to need to ultimately get over your ex girlfriend.

8. Join Activity Groups

Take a look online for local activity groups. For example Karate, Archery, 5 a-side etc. Anything that you find interesting that is going to allow you to 1. Get out the house and 2. Meet new people.

If you were in a sports team or was any good at sports. Why not join a local team? You’ll get to meet lots of new people doing this.

9. Exercise Exercise Exercise

Similar to above. Exercise makes humans feel fantastic. Well at least until that ache next day sets in. But the feelings you get after some intense exercise are brilliant for making you feel good about yourself.

If you’ve joined a sports team or an activity group that offers exercise then you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

If your not the energetic type. I’m certainly not these days, I’m too old now. Then work your mind. Exercise your brain by learning new things or start writing a journal. A bit like this blog really, I blog because I enjoy it and have knowledge to help people with relationships.

10. Meet New Women

This is the one you’ve been building up to. And it’s important that you get this one right. If you’ve put into practise the steps above then you’ll find this a lot easier. Trust me.

With all the new contacts you’d of made and how good and confident you’ll be feeling this one should be easy.

A word of warning if you skip to this stage to early whilst trying to get over your ex girlfriend. You could end up with a rebound issues. Which isn’t really what you’re looking for I hope.

As they say “meaningless sex best way to get over your ex“. I can’t say that this isn’t true because in instances it is. But it has to be meaningless for both parties otherwise you’ll end up with another whole host of issues.

Look for a long term girlfriend after you’ve got over your ex, Is the best advice I can give.

tips to get over your ex girlfriend

11. Have Fun…….

So we’ve come to the end, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you did please like and share it. The theme here is have fun. The key to getting over your ex girlfriend is by living your life your way. Enjoy the time you’ve had as a single, it certainly has it perks.

And if you’re still not giving up on your ex maybe these 5 steps to getting your ex girlfriend back can help

Did I miss something? If you think I did let me know in the comments or contact me.

If you think this post helped you get over your ex girlfriend then please comment down below. I’d love to hear your story.