11 Ways To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

If you’ve haven’t succeeded in wining your ex boyfriend back, Then don’t worry I’m here to help. Here are my 11 ways to get over your ex boyfriend. Or to get over your ex husband.

11 Ways To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

So yesterday I posted 11 ways to get over your ex girlfriend, So it only makes sense that today I show the ladies the best ways to get over your ex boyfriend.

This isn’t an easy time for you. And getting over your ex boyfriend will be a difficult process. But you can do. Just read this whole article and you’ll have some great ideas.

1. Get Away From It All

First time you need to do is give yourself as much space as possible. Take a day or two away from it all. Tell your friends and family you’ll talk to them later if need be. Spend as much of these two days by yourself as possible.

Get out the house if you have to. While you’ve got this space make the most of it. Let it all out cry, beat yourself up etc. Once you’ve cleaned out those emotions you can begin to move on from your ex boyfriend.

2. Cut Off Contact With Him

You’ll also want to consider cutting contact with your ex boyfriend if you haven’t already. Now whilst I believe that ex’s should remain friends if possible, there is nothing wrong with taking a break from him. Explain this to him if you have too.

If you have commitments that mean you have to see your ex boyfriend work or kids for example then you need to make sure you cut as much contact as possible still. Work together take a week or more off.

With kids this is more difficult but just try to limit your contact with him whilst his with his children.

get over your ex boyfriend feelings

3. Don’t Fight Your Feelings

Once you’ve cut contact with your ex boyfriend you can begin to really heal. To do this you need to make sure you’re not suppressing your emotions. Face your fears of him moving on and try to accept it.

The quicker you let these feelings flow though you. The quicker you’ll be able to move on with your life. And ultimately the quicker you’ll get over your ex boyfriend.

4. Think Of All The Bad Things In Your Relationship

One thing that really helps enforce all the ideas I’ve mentioned above, is to remind yourself of all the bad things of your past relationship. What did he do that really annoyed you. No one is perfect he must of had bad habits which you didn’t approve of.

Use these things to build a wall in your mind. These and the reasons why your relationship didn’t and work and most likely never would. Use them to help you move on.

5. Me Me Me Focus On You For A While

Using the tips above will get you to a point, where you can begin to move on. To really do that tho, You need to start thinking about yourself. Focus on you.  How can you improve yourself?

Remember to treat yourself. Go get that haircut you want or go on that day out you’ve been thinking about. Treat yourself and be more productive. Need a new car buy one, go on a holiday to a lovely relaxing location.

Are you happy at work? consider a career change to that career that you’ve always wanted. Start focusing on improving yourself, to take your mind off the past and help you get over your ex boyfriend.

6. Girls Night Out Again And Again

Call your girl friends and ask them to take you out on the town again. Insist that they go out with you and don’t take no for an answer. Meeting new people will give your mind more food for thought and help you get over your ex boyfriend.

The idea of this night out should be to have a much fun as possible. If you do meet a guy, take it slow the last thing you’ll want is a rebound relationship. That can lead to more heartache for you further down the road.

7. Take Up A New Hobby Or Skill

get over your ex boyfriend photography

Ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, or learn dancing, blogging or even photography. Find something that interests you and something you want work at. This will make you happy and more attractive to any future partners you may be interested in.

Be careful here some hobbies will take you out of the world. You’ll end up being a hermit. Which is bad. Try and pick something that you can learn socially with others.

8. Join Social Activity Groups

If you look around locally there will be all sorts of activity groups. Archery, horse riding, dancing groups, martial arts clubs. I’d recommend you join some of these groups, You never know you may have fun and what you will do is meet new people.

The idea here is to get your out the house and give you the opportunities to meet new interesting people. That also share your interest. And will keep your mind busy so you can get over your ex boyfriend without even knowing you’re doing it.

9 Exercise Your Body Or Mind

To get over your ex boyfriend exercising is amazing. After taking a long run, or working out at a gym you’ll feel a million dollars. Intense exercise makes all humans feel great. This has two affects for you. 1. Its gonna make you happy inside and 2. Its going to make you more attractive.

If you don’t feel like physical exercise. You can always exercise your mind instead. Read a book or craft something. Hopefully one of the activity groups you can join. Or a new hobby you’ve took up can help with this. Then you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

10. Meet A New Guy

new man get over your ex boyfriend

So all of the things I’ve been writing about so far. Are simply building up to this. It’s the most important step and you want to get it right. I’d advise you to not rush into anything, Like I mentioned above you want to avoid rebound relationships.

To do this you need to be happy and over your ex boyfriend. Hopefully one of your new hobbies or activities has allowed you to meet some new people. Some of which hopefully are single men.

If you’re focused on finding another long term loving relationship then you’ll find one. Just remember to keep your options open and only commit when you’re sure you’ve found a genuine partner.

11. Whatever You Do Have Fun And Be Happy

The idea here was to simply allow you to be you. You noticed I mentioned learning new skills that You have always wanted to do. You don’t have to change to get over your ex boyfriend. What you need to do is improve yourself and most importantly have fun.

Life is too short to be miserable. Again being happy is easier said than done. But having fun and ultimately being happy because of it is the fastest way to get over your ex boyfriend. Finding a new loving boyfriend will be the reward of you do this right. Its worth it.

Remember to enjoy the time you’ve got as a single women. Even if you’re lonely as a single person. Try to find the positives and revel in it.

If you’re still not so sure on giving up on your ex then you can try my 5 steps to getting your ex boyfriend back.

If you think I’ve missed something or you’d like to share your story, Please do in the comments down below. I’d love to hear from you.